About Us

About Us

Coda Industriel, Ltd is an e-commerce start-up company based on a circular economy concept for obsolete machinery parts. It was founded in 2018 by Yves Beaulieu and Josée Daigneault.

Yves has worked in the agricultural, forestry, construction, and marine equipment industries over the last 25 years. Through his various roles as liaison between the manufacturers and the dealers, Yves has acquired a stellar reputation with both, as well as in-depth technical knowledge, a vast experience of these fields, and a customer-centric approach that have led him to find an innovative way to help dealers, manufacturers and individuals sell and purchase parts worldwide.

Josée has lived and worked in Canada, Japan and the United States, both as an attorney and as an entrepreneur. She has extensive international business experience and contacts through her US-based language company. She brings her administrative, sales, and management skills to the table, opening new markets and prospects through her contacts worldwide in order to give life to the sustainable economy concept behind Coda Industriel.

Coda Industriel

Find obsolete or hard-to-find parts and components for heavy equipment and small engines including tractor parts, machinery parts, construction and handling equipment parts and more.

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